Food Safety – HACCP

As consulting food scientists we assist individual clients  to design, implement and maintain a food safety management system  within their food processing, foodservice business or distribution. This also includes to lead and assist in the , validation and verification of the HACCP system - once it is operating according to the HACCP plan.

Our clients in Iceland include fish processors, meat processors, food ingredients manufacturers, beverage manufacturers, food transportation firms, catering services, restaurants, café's, hotels, bakeries, food packaging firms, whole-sales or food retail stores.  

Our consulting services rest on the following:

- Education: In the area of food science, food safety, HACCP and quality management.

- Experience: Working as consultants with all kind of food processors for 20 years and operating a food microbiology service lab as well. 


-  We base our consulting on world-wide acknowledged standards, references and criteria in the area of food safety and food quality management:  The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system as set forth by NACMCF, FDA Food Code;  Joint FAO / WHO Food Standards, GMP, ISO 9000 standards, DS 3027 Standard describing a food safety system according to HACCP, EU food legislation and more.

- An access to excellent food safety (HACCP) and quality administration software packages which are available internationally. 

Food Safety – GMP

A thorough food safety system rests on several factors such as properly designed facilities, good hygiene and food safety knowledge of all personnel involved. The outcome is usually referred to as "Good Manufacturing Practices" or GMP´s.

We do assist with identifying and documenting these needs as part of our "HACCP consulting" .  These may include identifying the necessary requirements for production or storage facilities, such as process controls, design/layout of processing equipments and cleaning/sanitation standards.  These conditions may be referred to as "prerequisites" to a HACCP system.

We always underline the need for proper planning and comprehensive documentation of the quality system. Our clients,  we assist with the design and implementation of a food safety administration system, gradually receive a quality manual, made in a common word-processing and spread-sheet software. 

Food Safety – Software

We like to suggest to our clients, especially the bigger ones, the use of a specialized software packages for creating and maintaining the HACCP plan.  The quality manual is a documentation of all quality activities performed within the HACCP system. As already outlined, it also contains the "GMP" plan and therefore contains details of necessary prerequisites.

Food Safety – Certification 

Third party certification of the HACCP plan and its implementation can be a challenging task and even a necessary one for the food processor.  Such a certification rests on predetermined requirements described in a "HACCP standard".  There are already some available for the food processor and there are now several organizations accredited to offer certification services in this area.   We can assist our clients in choosing  standards depending on their needs, and consulting them to meet the criteria set towards certification.

The manager of Matvćlatćkni is Hákon Jóhannesson, Food Scientist B.Sc. (Hons.).