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Manager and Principal Food Technology Consulting (FTC) Consultant: Hßkon Jˇhannesson, Food Scientist B.Sc. (Hons.).


1.1. Consulting:

- Since 1984 operated his own consulting company Matvaelataekni (Food Technology Consulting) in Iceland and worked mainly in 

area of food safety and hygiene. During this time I have consulted local food producers of all sizes and most type of food industries, restaurants and distributors in the area of food safety and hygiene. Work includes consulting on hygiene and sanitation matters and assisting clients in developing sanitation plans and also assist with the implementation and review of these.

- Since 1996 has consulted various food industries to design and implement an HACCP system into their business. Most of these have been audited by governmental health inspectors to meet local health regulation. One client obtained a HACCP, GMP based Certification from NSF (USA).

1.2. Laboratory work:

- Operated since 1984 a food microbiological testing laboratory; sampling and analysis of food and water.

1.3. Food personell training

- Is the author and producer of teaching material in the area of food handling, personal hygiene and sanitation methods. Format: Video and pamplets.

1.4 Inspection, sampling work

- Since 1989 worked as an agent for SGS Danmark A/S. 1989. SGS - SociÚte Generale de Surveilance (www.sgsgroup.com) is a global inspection firm, offers testing and verification services. Have on their behalf performed or been in charge of all inspection, sampling and auditing work in Iceland . Conducted as a lead auditor on behalf of SGS in November 2004 an UEFA audit in Faroe Islands (National Football Body Licensing Standard) and will conduct the annual UEFA audits annually thereafter in Iceland as well as in Faroe Islands.. 

1.5 Marketing agent:

For NSF International (www.nsf.org) Iceland 1994 - 1999, mainly introducing their Food Processing Machinery Standards to the local manufacturers of such equipmentĺs.

Reseller of doHACCPÖ and stepHACCPTM software in Iceland , Faroe Islands and Greenland . doHACCPÖ and stepHACCPTM are published by Norback, Ley and Associates LLC, Middleton , Wisconsin , USA . 

Resellers of Design-Expert« and Design-Ease« software for design of experiments in Iceland , Faroe Islands and Greenland . Design-Expert« software published by Stat-Ease, Inc., Minneapolis , MN , USA . 


1. Food Science (B.Sc.). University of Iceland , Department of Science and Engineering, 1982. Received an official stand as a Registered Food Scientist April 1989.

2. Food Science B.Sc.( Hons.) University of Iceland, 1999. One-year additional study in Food Science and Industrial Engineering with quality management, food safety management, process planning/control as a major topic. Study included:

2.1 Courses: i) Engineering Economics; ii) Quality Management; iii) Industrial Statistics; iv) Production Management 1 and Business Law; v) Production Planning; vi) Food legislation and Quality Control; vii) Economics. 

2.2 A one semester HACCP research project done leading to the thesis (in English): "The effect of refrigeration on the growth of pathogens as a preventive measure within the HACCP system during the processing of finfish". Read abstract here.  All courses (except (2.1, vi) were taken in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. 

3. Further undergraduate/graduate courses in Industrial Engineering, (2002 ľ 2004). University of Iceland , Department of Industrial Engineering. i) Innovation, Product Development and Marketing (May, 2004); ii) Project management (December 2002); iii) Management and Models (Dec. 2003); iv) Simulation, Modelling and Analysis (May 2003).

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